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September 2014

Latest Affiliate News

Description:  Clickbooth is proud to introduce Voluum as a presenting sponsor for the exclusive cb:Black Event. With their proprietary database technology and the ability to view live stats and pull all-time reports in seconds, our clients who use Voluum have never been happier with their service. “Voluum is the most… Read More
Description: Affiliate Summit is just a couple days away, I recently received my cb Black Event card invite. This black card event is a private event to a selected few, 100 affiliates in fact. Why the separation? Simple, you are a product of your environment. I have written about why networking is important. I have been […] Read More
Description: Oh boy, here’s another example of Internet marketing spam / scam that I received as a blog comment… Hello Web Admin, I noticed that your On-Page SEO is is missing a few factors, for one you do not use all three H tags in your post, also I notice that you are not using bold […] Read More
Description: Last week, Zac Johnson posted a podcast featuring me in it! He has been posting 2 podcast a week interviewing successful entrepreneurs in the online marketing space from their startup failures to their on going success. Yesterday it was all about how I started and how I became such an entrepreneur. Recently I been posting on […] Read More
Description: 1. The WiFi will crash at the same time you are checking your email for your meeting’s contact info. http://www.hilariousgifs.com/you-get-nothing-you-lose-good-day-sir/ 2. You’ll get stuck in convos with newbies asking you “What does CPA stand for?” https://imgflip.com/memegenerator 3. You’ll get in a fight with someone about plug real estate because you… Read More

I have a particular site (powered by WordPress) that has a high demand for banner advertising. I was tired of cutting in the ad networks on advertising space sales, so I went in search of a fully automated native advertising plugin. I ended up going with the OIO Publisher plugin. I wanted an automated solution […]

The post OIO Publisher Ad Manager Plugin Review (& How to Guide) appeared first on Sugarrae.

 Read More
Description: Leave your bulky camera at home from now on! Here are 9 easy tips and some great (free!) apps to use your smartphone to take great pictures to illustrate your blog posts, or to use in your social media updates... Read More
Description: That’s a catchy subject line for an email, isn’t it? Can’t blame you if you opened it like I did. I’ve recently received a number of emails coming through contact forms on my various sites, each with a subject along the lines of… “Noticed something about your WordPress Site”. Here is the full text of […] Read More
Description: The amount of creativity brimming in this single website is nothing short of amazing. Or you could also say... It's amazing what people will do for five dollars! Need someone to model your merchandise or hold your sign for an awesome unique selling graphic? No problem. You can get cool gifts created on Fiverr, too. For example, this one artist offers to create Personalized Family Tree art for you... Read More
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