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October 2014

Latest Affiliate News

Description: When it comes to local online marketing, just because you’re options and budgets may be more limited then big national advertisers, it doesn’t mean you can’t THINK like a big national advertiser.  Retargeting is HUGE for large eCommerce companies however it is often overlooked on the local level.  I’m not really sure why it’s overlooked [...] Read More
Description: Check out the new article on Mthink.com "5 Keys Your Affiliate Network Should Have" written by our very own Vice President of Affiliates, Brad Dobbins! Very insightful information on what affiliates should really be looking for when considering an Affiliate Network! Read More
Description: I feel like it’s been LONG time no speak.  I’ve been getting a lot of questions like is your blog dead?  Did you give up?  What’s going on with Ad Hustler? All is well.  Really well.  I’ve been focusing on the local lead gen/local marketing side of the business more and more.  Business has exploded. [...] Read More
Description: I recently just moved into our new office and the walls seemed empty. I decided to fill the empty spaces with inspirational quotes. I look up to these billionaires and millionaires everyday. I try to see what they are up to and read as much about them as possible. I wish I just had more […] Read More
Description: At Clickbooth, we wanted to take a moment with a new series that highlights the “Women of Clickbooth”  that run our day to day operations and helped us achieve the success we have today! Our spotlight this week: Cara Redding, our Vice President of Research. Graduating from the University of Kansas with a BS in Business Administrations, […] Read More
Description: As a local business owner, it’s not enough for your website to be listed in Google’s natural search results. It must also show up in Google’s business listings which are available through Search, Maps and Google+. My friend Jo Gagné recently asked for my help to increase traffic to her business website, BodiesonPower.com (BOP). Bodies […] Read More
Description: It looks like justice is finally catching up with Chris Smith, Rajiv Dixit and the men behind Banners Broker. Two years ago, I wrote a series of posts exposing Banners Broker, a so-called ‘online advertising broker’, as a sordid ponzi scheme. I received all kinds of threats, smears and public verbal bashings. You can read [...] Read More
Description: The Millionaire Network has officially announced that they are going out of business and Clickbooth wants to help those affiliates who were left high and dry. Yet again, another network has up and vanished and yet Clickbooth still remains. While we do not boast that we are “Millionaires making Millionaires”, we will say this: -We […] Read More
Description: A reader asked for tips on how to secure his WordPress blog against hackers. After thinking about and listing all the things I do to keep my blogs secure, I did some online research to see where my actions fell short. Turned out that my blogs were well-protected, but I did adopt some additional security measures […] Read More
Description: I just finished reading this short book today and it was a real eye opener and a great read for anyone in business, especially entrepreneurs. It’s only an hour read and you will be hooked from the start to finish. Heres the book: Anything You Want Related Posts:Radio Show – Tips For Starting Affiliate […] Read More
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