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August 2014

Latest Affiliate News

Description: As you probably now, content marketing doesn’t stop after that killer blog post is published. It doesn’t stop after you’ve pushed it on social media. It keeps going on well-after you’ve bothered your contacts about this amazingly awesome piece of […] Read More
Description: I have some great news this morning! My web host, HostGator, is having a “smoke the competition” sale with 45% off all their hosting plans. During the sale, you can also pick up new domain names for only $8 per […] Read More
Description: Email marketing is the best sales driver. By far, communicating with loyal subscribers through email will produce tremendous results than facebook and twitter engagements combined. If you want to increase your bottom line and grow your online business, you need […] Read More
Description: In the world of digital marketing, we are bombarded every day with the jargon that we ourselves have created. Article after article about Google algorithm updates, a new “how to get more likes on Facebook” article, the post about the […] Read More
Description: Let’s face it, the key to making money on the Internet is traffic. Without traffic, nothing happens. However, what’s more important than traffic is the quality of the traffic. If your traffic is junk, then don’t expect to make much […] Read More
Description: A motto that John brings up now and then is that if you live by the Google, you die by the Google. That may be true, but for a lot of bloggers and website owners, search engine optimization is absolutely […] Read More
Description: Injured or not, I am still traveling and having a great time. I left New York on Tuesday and flew home to OC for a one day layover until my flight to Vancouver the next day. I am really raking […] Read More
Description: One of the more unique features of a trade show like Affiliate Summit East vs. other trade shows is the food. Most trade shows, including the big ones like the CES and E3 Expo, only offer their press attendees a […] Read More
Description: I just got back from Affiliate Summit 2014 and let me tell you a lot of things has changed since my first affiliate summit. One thing are the type of affiliates and attendees that visit. So many new faces, in essence I was actually excited to speak with 3 great friends in the industry and […] Read More
Description: There are many panel sessions at Affiliate Summit East. But by far the best is the Six-Figure Income Mastery panel. Why? Because I’m in it! The panel laid out the secrets top Internet marketers use to make money online. Discussion […] Read More
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